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About Bizzy B

Brittany is the proud owner of Bizzy B Cakes. She grew up in a small town in New Mexico. The town of Los Chavez was where her dream of being an artist would begin. She baked and learned life lessons from her parents, especially her late mother. who told her “It’s ok if it is ruined, they’ll be eggs tomorrow.”
“I can still smell the cheesecake I ruined in our small kitchen.”

“I just remember crying and felt terrible that we worked so hard on that small cake for nothing.”

Memories of her mother always bring back a spirit in her that will never fade. Her dream was to open a bakery so that she may share her passion with everyone she meets.

After college, she applied to Escoffier Academy where her knowledge of pastry arts and culinary skills bloomed. With the love and support from her husband, parents and family; Bizzy B Cakes can be the vision she always dreamed of.

Brittany remembers as she tries to reinvent moments in her childhood. Telling us that she is grateful for her parents pushing her every time she failed.

She joked about naming her business “Burnt Cake” because of all of the mistakes she made while delivering cakes in high school and how many friends she let down when she was testing her skills.

From the Community

Brittany has made me 2 beautiful cakes that taste just as good as they look!

Destinie J.

Amazing person who makes amazing cakes!! Please check her out and not only do her cakes look amazing they taste amazing.

Carrie F.

Beautiful cakes that have always tasted great, wonderful service and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone!

Chandler B.

Brittany makes awesome cakes, the flavors and design are always perfect! I highly recommend her, best baker in town!

Christine L.